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Product Overview

Plastic Fabricators Inc. offers a wide variety of plastic thermoforming solutions. Using our state-of-the-art machinery, we have the capabilities to produce the perfect products to fulfill our customers needs.

  • Acrylic & POP

    Plastic Fabricators Inc. provides superior service and affordable solutions. The acrylic products we produce for our customers are second to none. Our acrylic products offer high impact strength that is …Read More

  • Custom Shapes

    Plastic Fabricators Inc. offers so much more than thermoforming. We offer our customers a number of options with our three state-of-the-art 5 axis CNC routers with robotic trimming capabilities for…Read More

  • Domes & Bubbles

    Plastic Fabricators Inc. uses the best acrylic or PETG plastic to make custom size domes and bubbles to meet the requirements of our customers. PFI has produced a number of standard and speciality sized covers for a variety of…Read More

  • Enclosures

    One of Plastic Fabricators Inc’s specialties and popular product categories is custom plastic enclosures. Our six auto-running thermoformers are constantly turning out impressive enclosures and covers for…Read More

  • Trays & Pans

    Plastic Fabicators Inc. knows trays and pans. Period. We produce more trays and pans every month than you could imagine. Even though it may seem like a simple product…Read More

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